Not So Wild About Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Harry's at it again. After causing the House of Windsor a major headache in 2005 when he attended a theme party dressed as a Nazi, the chap who's third in line to the British throne has made an amateur video that's got Pakistanis the world over hopping mad. The video, which was just obtained by the British newspaper News of the World, was shot in 2006 as Harry and his Army mates were getting ready to deploy to Cyprus. The son of the late Princess Diana calls one of his fellow soldiers a "Paki," a term considered highly insulting in Britain. He also jokes that one of his friends looks like a "raghead"—a derrogatory term for an Arab. At one point in the video, he even makes fun of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, pretending to be stuck on the phone with her as she prattles on.

As offensive as the video has been to some, this is clearly the work of a young man who is attempting to be playful—not racist. That said, Harry should certainly know better.

The lessons we can all learn from this episode are thus:

*Don't use racial epithets, even in jest. They are rarely funny and it's even rarer that they are taken lightly.

*Don't ever say or do anything on video that you don't want the world to see. In the age of YouTube, the privacy of one's videos can never be taken for granted. Particularly if you're a prince.

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