I Hate To Burst Their Bubble...

bubbly personalities

Were Colin Farrell, Leo and Penélope Cruz chewing gum during tonight's Golden Globe Awards? I'd like to think the estrella of Vicky Cristina Barcelona was merely finishing her dinner, but the onetime star of Catch Me if You Can was certainly giving his choppers a workout on something during multiple cutaways. (Either his steak was overcooked or he popped a pack of Hubba Bubba before he arrived at the Beverly Hilton.) As for the lad from Dublin, he was clearly plowing his way through a stick or four of Trident, as seen here presenting the award for Best Foreign Language Film, to Waltz with Bashir. (Farrell had the good sense to remove his gum before accepting his own award later on.)

The only manners lapse worse than all of this gum chomping? Darren Aronofsky giving Mickey Rourke the finger. Classy!

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