Time Off for Good Behavior?


You've heard of three men and a baby... How about six inmates and a toddler? On a rural highway in Maryland yesterday,  a group of minimum security prisoners unexpectedly became caretakers of a lost child who'd been found running along heavily trafficked Route 550 by a local trucker. While police sought the young boy's parents, for three hours the inmates kept the little lad entertained and even shared their lunches with him. Which all goes to show that acts of kindness often come from people—and in places—you'd least expect. The youngster, who had apparently wandered off from his home during a period of lapsed supervision, was eventually reunited with his family.

No word on whether his parents had to change his diaper when their toddler returned to the fold or whether the men in orange (who'd been on the side of the highway cleaning up litter) handled the dirty task themselves.

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