Invite the Stones to Your Wedding


Band or DJ?

It's a dilemma faced by many engaged couples, with the general thinking being that a band is a classier (though typically more expensive) way to go. Hard core denizens of dancing, however, often prefer to hear the original songs rather than some ersatz version of a Gloria GaynorBon Jovi or James Taylor standard performed by a two-bit cover band. Now you can have your wedding cake and eat it, too, as some of the greatest rock performers of the past fifty years are offering live music performances at any time and anywhere, for anyone willing to pony up.

Topping the price list of a new survey produced for the Living Channel are the Rolling Stones, who promise you'll get your satisfaction if you can dig deep enough to pay them $8 million. If that sounds too steep and you believe that sad songs say so much, Sir Elton John hires himself out for $3.2 million. On the other hand, if the bride is named "Michelle," you'd be nuts not to hire Sir Paul McCartney, for $1.6 million (a bargain compared with the rest of the names on this list).

There's no sign of the Village People here, but among the other performers included are Barry ManilowJ-Lo and Duran Duran.

Apart from the thrill of being able to say you had a rock legend perform at your reception, you'll enjoy another unforeseen benefit: your friends will be begging you to see your wedding video.

One word of caution: Be prepared for all of your invited guests to RSVP "YES!" In other words, don't bother making a b-list.