Hush! You'll Blow My Cover

Like the Salahis, it appears that White House Crasher #3 obeyed Rule 84.

Could it possibly get worse? Maybe tomorrow we'll hear that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson crashed the state dinner for Manmohan Singh, too.

Can it be that easy to get into the White House? You simply show up in the right van and get waved right on in? At the very least, that was the case for White House Crasher #3, Carlos Allen. A mortified Secret Service announced over the weekend that the Tarek and Michaele weren't the only uninvited guests hobnobbing with the Obamas that night back in November. And unlike the Salahis, Allen even got to stay for dinner! Only he knew better than to post about it on Facebook.

As far as Allen's attorney is concerned, the fact that he enjoyed a meal with other dignitaries proves he's no swarmy crasher: “This whole issue of him being a third gate crasher, while it merits more investigation, he’s unlike the other two individuals who are subject to this investigation. He did stay for the dinner.” Talk about digging one's client in deeper.

It gets better. The propietor of a company called HUSH (an acronym for Help Us Support Humanity) Allen avers that his company's mission is to promote philanthropy. Just how he does so is not entirely clear. Does it mean he throws around HUSH money? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more unreal, consider this comment of his attorney: “He is not a social climber. He covers social climbers.” Got it. Maybe that's why he was in the White House that night....he was an embedded reporter doing a story on the Salahis!

All I can say is:  Where are Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson when we need them?