My Gosh, Josh!


What on earth was Josh Duhamel thinking? The Transformers actor and hubby of Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie was grounded at LaGuardia yesterday when he refused a U.S. Airways flight attendant's repeated requests that he turn off his BlackBerry prior to takeoff, as regulations require.

What could have been so urgent that Duhamel could not bring himself to comply with this simply request? Given the already tense state of travel these days, his selfish actions--which resulted in the plane having to taxi back to the gate so that he could be escorted back into the airport--are inexcusable.

Through his rep, Duhamel has said he is "sorry" and that he was merely texting about the flight being late to depart. The irony in his excuse is that the detour caused everyone on the already delayed plane to leave even later than they would have otherwise. As for Duhamel, we imagine he had plenty to text about once he got back to the gate.