What City Spoils its Kids the Most?

Will it come as a surprise to anyone that the city that gave the world Eloise at the Plaza and Arnold and Willis Drummond of Park Avenue has been named the metropolis with the most-spoiled kids?

The new study, by bundle.com, puts Manhattan squarely at number-one, followed not far behind by brownstone Brooklyn.

As the article points out, the Big Apple is home to celeb babies including Beyonce and Jay-Z's bundle of joy, Blue Ivy Carter, whose 2,200-square-foot nursery is at least double the typical New York apartment.

There's no question that New York--land of $150 theater tickets and died-and-gone-to-heaven toy emporia such as FAO Schwarz, American Girl Place and a Times Square Toys R Us replete with Ferris wheel--is an expensive place to visit with a kid, let alone to raise one.

But for every celebrity who'd happily purchase a Swarovski-encrusted pram and an Alexander McQueen onesie (if such existed) for their child, there are plenty of Manhattan and Brooklyn parents who buy their kids the the same standard-issue strollers and mall-apropos togs worn by their peers across America. Does the fact that some New York tweens get to dine at Daniel (and, by the way, like it) for a special occasion rather than Applebee's make them a bit spoiled? Perhaps. But they are also spoiled for choice....there are so many horizon-expanding things for New York City kids to experience that cost little if anything, from Shakespeare in the Park to concerts and food festivals on Governor's Island. Having money in New York does make life a lot more fun (for kids and adults alike), but it's not the only way Big Apple residents can have a good time.

And lest we forget....most New York kids will not be getting a car for their 17th birthday. Even for the richest young Gothamites, the subway is often their prefered means of getting around. And if riding the gritty rails below New York won't keep them grounded, nothing will.