As packed audiences thrill to the exploits of Daniel Craig in Skyfall, the latest James Bond film, here are seven lessons a modern gentleman can learn from the famed Ian Fleming character.

1) Dress for the Occasion
If you want the cabin upgrade, the best table in the house, the quickest service at the bar and for all eyes to notice your entry, show up dressed like you deserve it--not like a schlub.

2) Arrive in Style
Let others hit the highway in a minivan. Opt for a sportscar instead. But remember: Even if you're in an Aston Martin, you still need to signal your lane changes.

3) Master Your Poker Face
Being able to hide your emotions is essential in high-stakes card games, but it's a valuable skill in life, too.

4) Have a Signature Drink
Make sure to have a go-to cocktail. But if it's a martini, do it stirred, not shaken. Mixologists will tell you the JB style is all wrong.

5) Be a Good Tipper
The staff will remember you and you'll get even better service next time.

6) Treat Women With Respect
You maintain the upper hand when you treat a woman properly--even if she is plotting against you.

7) Going off the Grid
Disconnecting from work and making yourself unreachable by the boss can be good for the soul. Just make sure you wrap things up first.