February 14, a day for love and romance, can quickly turn sour if a man fails to mind his manners. Here are seven sure-fire ways to mess up an otherwise perfect evening.


1) Skipping the Message

Store-bought greeting cards are fine, but don’t forget to include a personal message. It’s your words that really count—not the card company’s.

2) Waiting To the Last Minute

By February 14th, it's most likely too late to snag a reservation at the town’s most romantic restaurant, but you still have time to send flowers to her office. Whatever you do, don’t grab a wilty bouquet at the grocery store on your way home.

3) Wearing Khakis

This is not a casual Friday. It’s a night to look your very best. Wear a suit if you have one, or at the very least, a sportcoat and dress pants.

4) Using a Coupon

All the world loves a bargain, but whipping out a Groupon deal to pay for Valentine’s Day dinner sends the signal you don’t think she’s worth a splurge.

5) Skimping on the Tip

You may be resentful about overpriced menus on Valentine’s Day, but don’t take it out on the server or the valet. Remember: They have sacrificed their own holiday to help make yours special. Be generous.

6) Tossing Her Card

For her to find the card that she so painstakingly picked out for you sitting in the recycling bin on February 15 sends the message that you didn’t cherish (and want to savor) her words.

7) Going Back to Normal

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder of the importance of acknowledging that special someone, but being romantic solely on the day Cupid is fluttering around—and a complete heel the other 364 days of the year—does not cut it. Keep up the romance (and the kind gestures) all the year through.

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