As the Mill Vanilli song says, "You've got to blame it on something..." But rather than blame it on the rain, I've got to blame poor umbrella etiquette on those who simply refuse to practice common sense when wielding a brolly.

Having saved these for a rainy day, here's a list of the worst (and sadly prevalent) umbrella behaviors...

The Drum Major
Swings an umbrella horizontally next to his body as he walks--nearly stabbing everyone behind him.

The Hole in One
Uses an umbrella big enough to cover a golf cart--even when on a crowded and cramped sidewalk.

The Clueless Mensch
Offers to hold someone else's umbrella and covers 100-percent of himself and 1-percent of the other person.

The Stair Master
Keeps her umbrella open as she walks down subway stairs, nearly poking out the eyes of anyone around her.

The Brolly Nappers
They "borrow" umbrellas that are not theirs.

The Won't Budgers
Pedestrians who refuse to move their umbrellas up, down or sideways to allow others with umbrellas to share the sidewalk.

The Show & Teller
Uses her umbrella to point at people.

The Soggy Sam
Brings a drippy umbrella into someone's home or apartment.

The Litterbug
Tosses an inside-out umbrella on the side of the street rather than putting it in the trash.

The Disbelievers
Keep their umbrellas up and open long after everyone else realizes the shower is over.

What are your biggest umbrella pet peeves? Don't rain on the parade and keep them to yourself! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.