Dryers in the LaundromatAccording to estimates from the Coin Laundry Association, roughly seven million families in America visit a laundromat weekly. That makes seven million reasons–if not more–to put communal laundry room behavior through the heavy-rinse cycle. With that in mind, here are some of my tips for coming out with clean clothes–and a clean-bill of health for your manners, too:

*Patrons have a duty to remove their clothing from the washers and dryers quickly after those respective cycles are done. Leaving wet clothes in the washing machine for hours on end is inconsiderate.

*You have zero right to feel angry if you return tardy and find your clothes have been removed to make way for the next customer. Snooze, you lose.

*If you are extricating the clothing of the person whose washer or dryer load preceded yours, use every precaution to ensure the clothes are removed gingerly, in their entirety and placed as close to their original location as possible.

*When doing your own washer loads, if you spill detergent or bleach, be sure to wipe it up. And don’t leave behind empty containers or used dryer sheets.

*Remember to clear the lint filter after using the dryer so it’s ready for the next customer.

*Last but not least, don’t hog the folding table. Spreading out and leaving no room for others is inconsiderate.

Remember…bad manners always come out in the wash.