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We are pleased to present the following business etiquette workshop sessions for 2018. We tailor the program of your choosing to suit your team’s precise needs. If you don’t spot what you’re seeking here, we’ll gladly custom-create a session to match your goals.

Ideal for conferences, team-building days and staff development, we bring the program to you, with schedule options ranging from one-hour lunch-and-learns to full-day forums. Call us at 212-595-5793 to learn more about how we can help you achieve your every goal in the realm of professionalism.

Business Etiquette Training


Description: Do your employees have the professional polish they need to thrive? This business etiquette training workshop is especially designed for new and mid-level staff members, empowering them to make a positive first impression on the company’s clients within the first seven seconds of a meeting. They’ll also learn to make a valuable contribution to the firm right out of the gate, and for years to come.


Description: This session provides professionals with a real-world opportunity to practice the best ways to network with colleagues and clients. They’ll hone their elevator speech, develop new ways of remembering names and polish their “pickup lines” to join conversations already in progress. Also: “The Rule of 7” for engaging the greatest number of new contacts per hour.


Description: You've climbed the ladder, but to continue your ascent you must assess your personal brand. From your communication style to your social media presence, from your ability to work a room to your methods for managing Millennials, we'll cover what it means to be a successful executive in today's business climate as well as how to ensure your career trajectory in 2018 and beyond.


Description: Knowing which foods to order (and which ones to avoid); being comfortable choosing wine for the table; subtly signaling to the server you are still eating; and picking up the check without fuss are among the many skills needed for doing business over a meal. Once your team has mastered dining etiquette, big deals will be the just desserts.


Description: With technology firms leading the way, an increasing number of companies are shunning traditional offices and opting for open, collaborative workspaces. Prepare your staff for the challenges that come with seeing, hearing and interacting with one’s work family in ways they never have before. Through interactive role-play, we’ll practice what everyone needs to know before you open things up.


Description: Your IT team can write code for Flash in a flash and create apps in their sleep, but walking into a cocktail party petrifies them. (They also fear what people say about them when they leave a room.) With practice, they can learn to feel more comfortable in social situations and come away with a finesse that enables them to make friends and engage new business prospects.


Description: If you’re preparing to send staff abroad, their familiarity with the destination country’s customs can mean the difference between winning over the locals and coming across as uncouth. In this session, your staff will learn essential skills for fitting in wherever business travels take them. Destination-specific content available on request.

Etiquette Training For Undergraduates & Graduates


Description: For the Class of 2018, the Real World lurks just around the corner, which means it's time to start hitting job fairs. In this etiquette training workshop for undergraduates and graduates, specially designed for colleges and universities, undergraduate- and graduate-degree candidates will learn winning strategies for making a memorable impression on recruiters, as well as how to avoid the common faux pas that can quickly sink hiring prospects.


Description: Specially designed for individuals born after 1982, this workshop helps members of Gen Y thrive in a world where rarely practiced old-school values still hold the important keys to success—whether in business or in life. In this high-energy program, today’s young leaders brainstorm and present, learning the tools they need to excel along the way.

Customer Service Training


Description: The thought of visiting a dentist or physician can be enough to make some patients sick to their stomachs. Not merely out of fear of needles or drills, but due to their dread of the waiting room. From a crowded and uncomfortable reception area to an onerous check-in process, or from an unfriendly front-desk staff to reams red tape when it comes time pay the bill, the microclimate that exists in your lobby can be sending patients running to other doctors. We'll look at your symptoms, prescribe a remedy and get your reception staff the occupational therapy it needs with our customer service etiquette training.

Dress For Success Workshops


Description: Like a Lycra skirt from the mid-90s, has your firm’s lenient policy of "business casual” been stretched beyond its limits? Focusing on how everyone has a brand message that must be periodically assessed, "The Business of Business Casual" helps attendees recognize—and refine—their own brand image for the betterment of their careers. (And the relief of the C-suite.)


Description: In this workshop, custom-designed for young male professionals and those looking to up their style quotient, attendees learn how to tie a bowtie, how to choose the best looks for their jobs, where to shop without breaking the bank, and the 10 items all men should have in their wardrobes to project an image that’s suave and confident. This class offers a quick and lasting solution for men who are aiming to find just the right look for work.


Description: Lights! Camera! Action! This one-on-one course is especially designed for actors and VIPs who are new to the whirlwind world of the step and repeat. Performers who have jitters about arriving at an event where they'll be blinded by flashes before being shooed to speak with yelling members of the press will find exactly what they need in this workshop. Also available to agents and publicists, or to groups of agency clients by special request.

Business Communication Workshops


Description: In an age where to text is to "communicate," this seminar is a refresher on how crafting a well-written e-mail entails delivering just enough information to be efficient, and just enough politeness to convey respect. Your staff will learn why “reply-all” is dangerous; tune-up their e-mail salutations and complimentary closes; and observe how “please” and “thank you” help convey tone—and get results from our business communication etiquette workshop.


Description: If the thought of drafting a report sends shivers up your team’s collective spine, or if their memos are verbose and meander without meaning, this writing workshop has the solutions. With practice activities that help non-professional writers organize their thoughts and words more concisely and methodically, this course is also ideal for anyone who’s ever suffered writer’s block, split an infinitive or dangled a preposition.


Description: Does your staff cram PowerPoint slides with data to cover all bases—and to cover their own fear of public speaking? This session gets them off and running with a clean slate, providing strategies and practice opportunities for delivering a message that will sizzle and never snooze. With the opportunity to prepare and then deliver on-camera, attendees get to analyze their own performances on-screen, making tweaks to hook an audience with ease.


Description: Discover why proofing makes perfect in this workshop designed for anyone who writes--or anyone who must edit others' writing. With his experience as an editor for Town & Country magazine as guide, Thomas P. Farley will share his tips and tricks for catching accidental errors as well as the habitual mistakes you may not even realize you've been making. We can't guarantee you'll never make another typo, but when you do, you'll find it and correct it before anyone else is the wiser.